Unique Handcrafted Knives

Member of The Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild and The American Blade Society


I forge my blades out of 1095, W-2 01,02,5160 and D2. My Damascus blades are generally flat ground to a zero edge and made from 1075 and 15N20, also from1095,5160,15N20. 

My stainless blades are from a variety of steels such as A8 , A6, 440C and ATS 34.
I heat treat all my high carbon blades by edge quenching or clay overlay quenching.


My handles are hand crafted from exotic woods such as African Black wood, Cocobolo, Ziricote, Bocote, Desert Iron Wood , 300 year old recovered hard woods and many others, Additionally I use a variety of bone, antler and composite materials.
My guards and pommels are fabricated from wrought iron, steel, brass, bronze, and stainless material.


Most of my sheaths are custom fitted to your purchased knife and made in the very best tradition of fine craftsmanship by Southpaw Leatherworks.(Lance Parrish)