Unique Handcrafted Knives

Member of The Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild and The American Blade Society

Michael Zummo is a man of creative and artistic ability. He began an interest in metallurgy and blade smithing in 1999. He began studying old blacksmithing manuals and various folklore methods of blade smithing and heat treating of various blade steels. Through his studies and the hands on experience of knife making, Michael now produces fine quality and extremely functional knives.

He fabricates a wide variety of knives comprised of different blade steels and unique handles of exotic woods, antler bone, and buffalo horn.

“...I have had countless knives both commercial and custom made, carbon, damascus, and stainless.  Of all the knives I've ever owned, Mike made me the finest blade I have ever used. It's made well, looks good, and above all else is functional.” 

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“...To say that it has performed well would be an understatement.  There are no flaws in the blade whatsoever...I am certain that I won't have to even think about sharpening it again for at least another two years, or 100 whitetails...whichever comes first.” 

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